How It Works


Make an account on Website.


Choose the competition you would like to enter and how many tickets you would like to buy.


Answer a skills or knowledge based question.


Complete purchase securely online. You will then be notified of your number/s and be placed in the competition draw until it begins.


Draws will take place live on Facebook using Google’s random number generator to choose the winning ticket number.


How many times can I enter?

You can enter each individual competition up to a maximum of 10 times.

However this can be reduced if stated on the competition product page, for example a low odd competition we usually limit to 4/5 entries per person.

How is the winner chosen?

Once all entries are in and the draw is closed, all entries will then be posted on our facebook page and website within 24 hours. This will include your draw number to the right of your name which is what we will use in the LIVE draw to decide the winner.

This means you can watch the live draw with your corresponding number(s) in hand.  ​

Googles random number generator will then be used to chose a winner, the name linking to the winning number chosen, will be the winner, this will be done LIVE on Facebook.

Watch the video on our Facebook page.

What if the competition isn’t sold out before the timer runs out?

If the competition is not full, the timer will add some time in order for all the tickets to sell on the competition. This will happen a maximum of 4 times then if the competition is still not sold out a cash alternative may be awarded instead and only the people that have entered will go into the live draw.